Facial aesthetics

We can help you correct features to improve the beauty of your face and provide the freshness of youth, through non-surgical, non-invasive or minimally invasive techniques.

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Orofacial harmonization

We seek through minimally invasive treatments with high levels of safety, to rejuvenate, modify, and give harmony to the face in a natural way.


It is a surgical intervention that consists of the extraction of the Bichat balls or bags. Resulting in better facial aesthetics.


It is a surgical technique performed to eliminate fat deposits or accumulation of fat from the chin to the neck.

Some benefits of Facial Aesthetics

Regenerates the skin, adding shine and naturalness.

Cleaning the face of any impurities that it may have.

Eliminate that fat that is accumulated between the chin and the neck, in order to have a better facial contour.

Dare to smile at the world!

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