Smile design

A smile design is a procedure that involves certain processes to achieve the aesthetic result that the patient is looking for, depending on their initial characteristics and the treatment to be carried out, we will obtain the desired results. At Perfect Smile we rigorously comply with the following stages of the Resin Smile Design process.

How do we do it?


Assessment and diagnosis

In a first appointment we carry out the evaluation, diagnosis and the treatment plan, then we proceed with the rehabilitation that is in deep cleaning, repair of cavities if there are any and any other procedure that is necessary according to the case.

Then we proceed with the planning that consists of taking intraoral photos that are made in the oral cavity of the teeth and gums, and extraoral photos that are made at different angles of the face (front, profile, others).

Then we proceed to take a mold of the teeth which is taken to a digital design that will result in a wax-up with the desired design.

Proposal of the solution to the client

In a second appointment we teach the patient the wax-up with the design, so that he can see how his teeth will be, according to his approval or disapproval, we proceed with the following steps, either correct what the patient does not like or proceed to perform the programmed layout.

(It is important to note that the patient must be fully satisfied with the wax-up sample that was presented to him in order to begin the design procedure) and start with the design on the upper teeth until completion.



Treatment monitoring

In a third appointment we make an evaluation of the patient of how he feels with the first part of the design and if something needs to be adjusted, it is done, to continue with the process in the lower teeth and finish with the design to see the results and the level of patient satisfaction, then we proceed to take the necessary images that help us to compare the before and after results.

estética dental


Porcelain smile design

This design goes through the same process as the previous one but varies in the amount of appointment and the design procedure as such, since an appointment is scheduled to condition the teeth to later take an impression of them, this mold is sent to a laboratory In order to have the porcelain veneers made, at that appointment the patient is placed with temporary veneers so that they can go home and a next appointment is scheduled in which they will be replaced by the permanent veneers.

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