About us

We are a Dental Clinic in Santo Domingo where our main objective is to keep our clients more than satisfied through our Dentistry and Aesthetics services.

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About us

Experts creating smiles!

A person with an attractive smile inspires a higher level of acceptance and a very pleasant personality, while at the same time having greater self-confidence and greater self-esteem, resulting in being able to more easily achieve their dreams.

That is why at Perfect Smile we have taken great pains to prepare our staff in different courses-diploma-master’s degrees, with the aim of complying with the highest quality standards, in order to provide our clients with the treatment and treatment they deserve. and thus achieve a level of satisfaction beyond your own expectations.

Our mission

Contribute to the area of ​​Oral Health in the Dominican Society, providing an excellent service and complying with the highest quality standards, to ensure that our patients feel that the results obtained are higher than the expectations that were raised.

Our vision

To be a group recognized nationally and internationally for projecting our work based on the objective of achieving the highest quality standards in the area of ​​oral health, excellence in service and customer care, which serves as an organizational culture for our collaborators and as a point of trust and security for our patients.

Our values

Some of the values ​​that move us to provide the best of ourselves every day are inspiration, ethics, integrity, commitment, honesty and responsibility.

About us?

Perfect Smile

We are a company dedicated mainly to the Dental and Aesthetic area. Each patient who is treated in our center is not only evaluated from the dental point of view, but we also focus on ensuring that the results of our procedures are specially programmed according to their need, taking into account the image that they will give to the public. when leaving our facilities.


Happy patients




People who trust us.


Quality of service

Dr. Aleivy Rincon

Dr. Aleivy Rincon

Rehabilitación y estética
Dr. Williams Tejada

Dr. Williams Tejada

Estética e implates
Dra. Jennifer Cosma

Dra. Jennifer Cosma



What our clients say

Amazing service, now I can smile with all the confidence in the world.

Alberto Rodríguez Dental Aesthetics Patient

Now I no longer have to worry about my son's dental health, I know he is in good hands.

María Martínez Pediatric Dentistry Patient

My treatment was second to none and the entire Perfect Smile staff was efficient, polite and caring.

Juan Moreno Facial Aesthetics Patient

Excellent service, now I can smile with all the confidence in the world.

Juan Pérez Endodontic Patient

    Dare to smile at the world!

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